Hung Out to Dry

“Stacked” from Hung Out to Dry:The Hankie Project

As a figurative sculptor working on a human scale, Hung Out to Dry: The Hankie Project began as a series of small collages which were like sketches, a way for me to capture, evaluate and catalog my ideas for possible future large-scale sculpture. The small collage images, or studies, once transferred to hankies, became a way to express the volume and complexity of the messages and experiences women and girls internalize every single day. The hankie is an effective information delivery system for these ideas. Hankies are small and portable, personal and intimately involved with the female body (sweat, tears, snot…). Coupled with the ghostlike and fragmented presence of the fine porcelain hands,  Hung Out to Dry: The Hankie Project,  presents a distinct and contemporary point of view on women’s issues.

Hung Out to Dry: The Hankie Project represents my ongoing interest in feminist issues and cultural critique. The images and corresponding text on the vintage hankies allows me to present my strong oppositional views on tropes, clichés and widely held beliefs about girlhood, women’s roles, and femininity. I attempt to present this point of view with biting humor, sensitivity, and compassion.

See the project in progress here.