"CupNoodle", Ceramic.
“CupNoodle”, Ceramic.

In Defense of Pottery in the Pursuit of Meaning

Forget beauty for a minute (if you can).

There may be nothing more intimate and soulful than making a vessel for food or drink for another human being. There is something quite sensual, erotic even, in giving someone a cup that you made which becomes the first thing that touches his or her lips every single morning. Before they kiss their children or their lover or their cat.

There is an intimacy in making the bowl with which your loved one will nourish his or her body with food. What could be more basic and essential than that?

Arguably, the every-day vessel, as opposed to the magnificent ceremonial object (or sculpture, for that matter), matters more.

When you feel like you need to defend the making of pottery, remember that. And if you want to love someone, make a cup for them.