Girl Talk

‘Tampon Box’ from Girl Talk by Kelly Schnorr and Lee Puffer. Ceramic and mixed media, 2013. “slender and regular and living in fear”

Girl Talk (a conversation in objects)

Girl Talk is an in-progress body of work, developed collaboratively, made manifest in objects that are, essentially, a conversation between two artists/friends Kelly Schnorr and Lee Puffer.

Rife with humor and irony, the sculptures address contemporary life from both unique and shared experiences/perspectives of the individual artists.

The sculptures explore the similarities and differences between the two women, the nature of female experience, friendship, and more weighty and contemporary concerns such as…but not limited to:


Upbringing, family history

Gender roles


Milestones (marriage, children)

Cultural expectations

Popular cultural influences

Definitions of beauty

Sexuality and taboo



Sense of place

Drawing on personal experiences and offering cultural critique of events that most impact their lives, the artists present a frank, open and funny conversation in sculpture.

We each make a sculpture and trade them. Then we will respond to/embellish/add to the work we received to create a juxtaposition/dialog. The result is a series of two-part pedestal pieces and wall sculptures. The material is predominantly clay, but both Kelly and I use a bit of image transfer, textile, and found objects as well.