As humans, when we solve a tough problem in our own lives, we have the desire to help others through similar challenges by sharing our wisdom. When we come upon something that works, we want to save others from the struggle we endured. Why re-invent the wheel? Those of us who are currently facing difficult or uncertain times, seek the wisdom of others who have prevailed. We are looking for solutions, easy fixes, time saving life-hacks. There is comfort in the certainty that solutions provide. <br><br>As artists, we invent our own unique challenges, and therefore have to create our own solutions. It’s a solitary journey. What works for us may not work for anyone else.<br>We cannot look beyond/outside our own practice for answers. We have to develop our own language of color, symbols, images, forms, materials and techniques. And over time this does happen. With practice and experimentation, we determine what works for our art and what does not. Mature artists have systems and structures and approaches of our own that we can rely on. We are a restless bunch however, and we are likely to change it all at any moment. Part of the fun is discovering the path forward. Risking failure, humiliation, a waste of time and materials, and lost productivity is common. It’s uncomfortable. It’s the opposite of certainty. But perhaps through this process we can create something unique, authentic, and real.
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